Creation Through Imagination (Law Of Attraction)

The reality that we think to be real are not real as it seems. They are the images created by the Mind. This Universe is created by Mind and everything exist in Mind. Everything that you see comes from the Mind before it exist in the outer world. The outer world is creation of the inner world.

If you set your mind to achieve something, you will surely achieve it. The reason is, if it can exist in your imagination, it should be able to exist in the outer world. I mean, everything in the outer world comes from the inner world. If you can have it in your inner world, you can have it in your outer world.

Now, you want to bring what you have achieved in your inner world to outer world. This is the process we call manifestation. People think by using manifestation, you can have what you want. It's true, but before that, you must put yourself in the position where what you wanted is already yours. The attitude of mind is an important aspect to manifest successfully. When you put yourself in that position, creation will start to happen. It's an important step in applying the Law of Attraction.

Albert Einstein have said, "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." You can create the future by using your mind. When you are pondering about your future, you are creating it. Law of Attraction will be in process all the time and it will respond to your imagination. This life is a dream and you are controlling the dream by the images that you are holding in your mind. 

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