Inner And Outer State Of Being

Men imagine that thought can be kept secret, but it cannot. It rapidly crystallizes into habit, and habit solidifies into circumstance. - James Allen

People think that thoughts can be hidden from others. It's true in some way, however, in the other way, your thoughts and feelings creates expressions or behaviors, which cannot be hidden from others.

The good thoughts creates positive energy while the bad thoughts creates negative energy. So, if you think good thoughts, your facial expression will be positive. Everything you do, you will do it with the positive energy, which then attracts positive outcome.

Your thoughts, moods, feelings or emotions are the reflection of your inner state of being. If you are happy within, your appearance on the outer world will be happy. You will be cheerful and appear happy towards others. Who knows? You might even brighten someone's day. :)

Your body follows your mind. If you do not control your mind, the same/repeated expression and behavior will become part of yourself, which then evolves into habit. From your habits, you create your characteristics which moulds your destiny.

People often say the eyes hold the truth. The eyes expression is the way of the subconscious mind to tell the truth. A persons honesty can be known through the movement of the eyes. It reveals the thoughts that suppose to be secret.

Remember, anything that goes in your heart and mind, you show it in the outer world through your various expressions. Mind is the inner world, physical expression is in the outer world. The inner world controls the outer world. 

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